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It is not complicated, our business was created for a purpose, a need in the market. This is reflected in our purpose vision or mission statement. It is important that this is authentic. Next to this our values and our team diversity is part of our team identity. This is reflected in our code of conduct. And part of our team identity is each person on the team. And our diverse backgrounds,  personalities and working styles. 

Team Identity

Training topics:

Personality differences

Even if we have similar couture or background we can be very different in how we like to do thigs and what our priority and focus is. Understanding how we are different and talking about it increases the understanding between peole. I use the DISC system because it is very visual and easy to explain.  It is a useful way to explain and see these differences and increase understanding between peole and the understanding of team structures and relationships. 

Cultural differences

Differences in culture is very important to understand especially when we have diverse teams and our company has clients in different countries. Diversity is a strength when we understand how we are different and how we can utilize our strengths.

Purpose mission and vision

Often we complicate these words Purpose Mission and Vision. Really it is very simple. Why do we exist? our purpose, is the demand we fill in the market, and added to that the reason we want to fill it. Our Mission is what we want to do and how. And vision is where we want to go in the future. Coupled to this we can have both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. 

Code of conduct

To have a code of cons=duct is important, and that peole are trained in it what it means and how it is implemented. And how we do this in everyday work. If it is out dated it is important to update it. And if we don't have one its good to make one. 

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