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Strategy builds on a good team identity and good communication. In strategy we determine where we want to go. 

Talking about strategy and the way forward is exiting. And involving the team in this excitement is a great way to engage and motivate your team.

Still we have to remember that consistency is key and that we lay a plan for following through on our strategy. And a plan for reviewing the strategy, agility and innovation. Which will keep the excitement while we stay consistent.

Training topics:

Your Strategy

Most teams have a strategy in place. Let me help you facilitate a session where we go in depth on what it means in you day to day actions and how it is best implemented. Strategy should be talked about and communicated often.

Is it still relevant, and can it be improved upon. And lets practice agility, creativity and innovation and plan a creative session to represent our strategy in a piece of art. 


When there are big changes going on in our market it is good to look at how that affects our business.

 Right now AI is changing many processes and peoples behaviours. What does that mean for your business and for your strategy forward?

Strategic competencies

For your strategy there is competencies that you need taking time to train on this, let me tailor creative activities to train on these.

Staying consistent and knowing when to pivot and innovate

Keeping on track with the strategy and staying consistent can be challenging. Often our team has peole who want consistency and peole who like change. People who like change often like to take the lead and express them self. And people who like consistency sometime miss out on the chance to innovate, and find it difficult to pivot. We need both types, and as a leader we need to steer this and use peoples strengths as we go forward.

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