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 It is important that we have clear expectations and that we know how to give effective feedback. Communication builds on our team identity, Our code of conduct gives direction in how we interact with each other. And knowledge of our diversity builds understanding.
Oftentimes this is not set up with clarity from the beginning, and that can cause misunderstandings and conflicts. 

Spending time together and doing new things is important for communication and in conflict reolution. 

Training topics:

Spending time together

Spending time together is a topic and an ingredient in all my trainings and teambuilding activities. It is essential for connection and good team work, ant it is important that we are intentional about it, and plan for it. Its an easy ingredient to ignore or take for granted. Especially in busy and hectic times we need this, but its is also the time when it is ignored. 

Giving feedback

Giving feedback can be difficult. We want to be clear, but we do not want to hurt peoples feelings. It makes it even more complicated if we have not set down the ground rules from the beginning. Once we set some grond rules and learn to giving feedback becomes natural and even an enjoyable time to connect and improve. 

Effective communication

Often we are overwhelmed with many tasks, and we are not clear in our communication. Being intentional and making sure we communicate with our team is essential. Spending time on learning prevents misunderstandings and conflicts. And increase our performance and enjoyment in our work.

Communicating across differences

It is easy to assume that peole are like us. And for most peole that is the default setting. Still this is not the case. We have very different personalities, priorities, cultures and ways of working. Spending time to learn about this will not only help us understand others better but also to understand ourselves better. 

Conflict resolution

Conflicts causes stress and burnout, and they can be difficult to resolve. Often it comes down to misunderstandigs that have not been cleared up.  

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