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Create Space


Build confidence and connectivity 

Painting reduces stress and improves brain connectivity. it is an activity where the brain is active with both the analytical side and the creative side, thus creating new brain paths and improving your creative and analytical abilities. 


"You cannot use up creativity,

the more you use the more you have"  

Maya Angelou


In create space employees get a chance to paint once a week (online, onsite, or outdoors). We go through simple exercises that are designed to build confidence reduce stress and improve connectivity. We work on paintings that the participants can hang in their home. During the program, each participant will have at least one painting to hang on their wall. And lastly we draw similarities to planning a project in business. The importance of both creativty and analysica thinking and the importance of taking breaks and delgating. 

4-week program

Participants go through 4 exercises that are designed to improve connectivity and creativity. 

We start planning a painting and the steps to get it finished. This is connected with short lectures on planning a project, managing time and the importance of downtime and vision.

The participants can chose between a pre planned motive or something from their own imagination. 

8-week program

In the 8 week program every second week we have a paint only session where participants get time to explore painting and go more in depth on each exercise.

Main takeaways

Reduced stress.

Improved brain connectivity

Improved creativity and improved analytical thinking

Project plannig knowlege

High retainment and implementation through involving more senses in the learning process.


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