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Custom Artworks

Paintings, instalations, sculptures

Whether you need a gift or to highlight a point, your mission, vision, or purpose statement. Custom artwork is a great way to do this.

When we make something visual then we connect our emotional side to it. Our right brain half communicates in pictures, stories, and emotions. By making it visual we involve a bigger part of ourselves. And helps us stand behind it with our emotions.

By hanging the painting front and center in your house or at your office. You remind yourself daily of your commitment, purpose, or goal. 

I make wall paintings, paintings, sculptures, and installations (temporary or permanent). 

Book a call to discuss your painting here below

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Strategy Wall

It is important to communicate the strategy to your whole team and get them involved and excited about it. 

How do you do that?

By showing a PowerPoint? 

Yes, it's good to have a PowerPoint presentation. But how long does it take before it is forgotten?

If you want to engage employees and 

 Clients around it its a good idea to make it visual and place it front and center.

Purpose Painting

If you have made a purpose statement, set a new goal or made a plan, it gives you a boost. 

And you have a drive to achieve and go for it.

But to maintain this drive you need to remind yourself often of were you are going or why. You might have experienced that after some time that initial passion and drive disappears.

For those times it is great to find new ways to reignite the passion. Having a painting made is of your purpose or goal will give your purpose and plan a new boost.

Free planning sessions

Clicking the button above will take you to my calendar where you can book a 30-minute planning session. Where we will discuss what you want and how we best can represent this in a painting. Beforehand it's good if you know where you want the painting to go, how big you want it to be, and what colors and style you like.

Prices depend on size, for a smaller painting 30x40cm the price is 300 euros. 

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