Office Wine and Paint event


With Friday drinks or for another celebration

Painting helps you unwind and relax and connect with each other in a new way.

Choose one of our motifs, each team member paints a painting while having fun talking and sipping wine.

Each motif goes with a light personal development topic as fuel for conversations.  

Below are some examples of painting motifs and topics. 

Confetty rain

A symbol of having made it. reached the finish line as the winner. Had an excellent performance, won the deal, or successfully finished a product launch.

Those moments are only seconds at the end of a journey, but they are a great reward.

Bringing these moments to mind when we are in the middle of an upward hill will help us persevere till the end.

Automn Leaves


If life gives you lemons... It's a cliche and maybe the last thing you want to hear when things are hard. 

There are other lessons in lemons. Lemons are very healthy and used for many medicinal purposes. Adding lots of sugar to them might make a tasty drink, but removes its health aspect.

 Hardships are a part of life. Hardships are healthy and make us grow. 

Koi Fish

The Koi fish symbolize good luck, abundance and perseverance. When koi fish live in a small pond they grow to a certain size, when they are in a bigger pond they grow bigger. 

When we challenge ourselves we grow.