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A creative strategy session like no other

The P-Art-Y is designed to make your training or strategy session fun and engaging. Together we make a piece of art that represents what we have learned and the direction we want to take forward.

By working together in this way we connect our analytical thinking to our creative side and engage our passion for the topic and the outcome. 

Working together in this way brings about different interactions. It is an equalizer. All participants have a say and an influence on the outcome. 

If you are an audible kinesthetic or visual learner this event caters to you. As audible you get to tell the story and talk about it. as a visual, you get to make the concepts visual as a kinesthetic you get to learn while using your hands and interact with others.

And last but not least it is FUN.


Strategize around a specific challenge. A new product or service or towards a certain goal.

We start out with a discussion around the topic we are strategizing. We talk about where we want to go and how best to get there.  The time needed for this part depends on how much work has been done in strategizing here already. This program will be tailored to your situation.


We go on to talk about visualization and success, art, and symbolism. This is to disrupt the discussion and get perspective. And to help us further. All changes and ideas start with an idea and a picture. We are creating a picture of where we want to go. Then we work backward and imagine the steps of getting there. What routines and processes do we have to change to get there. How do the changes we have to make look like in practice? 

As we go on to define and stake out the direction forward we also ask how we can represent this visually. This can be in a painting, a sculpture, or an installation. 

Make Art

Lastly we make an artwork together to represent what we have talked about. The artwork will be a reminder of what we have talked about and will stay in the office. 

And s we make it helps us work the new strategy and way forwards into our mind and into our conversations. Often there will come great ideas during this time. Ideas that can change the cause of the strategy. 

Main takeaways

A P-Art-Y helps the teamwork together in a different way than we usually do. During the making, the discussions will keep going between individuals. The process helps us engrave the way forwards in our minds. So we will remember the discussions. And it will help us come up with new ideas and explore our interactions in a different platform and a different medium.

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