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Have you ever made a New Year resolution, say to start training more often? And you are excited about it, in fact, you kept going for weeks. You even have a gym subscription. And taking that subscription helps you commit to it. Then a little into February, you start skipping some sessions. After all, you don't need to be so strict with yourself. And you can give yourself some slack right.  And then come march you hardly go at all. Now in April, you are paying for a subscription you are never using. 


This is a very common pattern. Because CHANGE IS HARD.


When we are trying to make a change for the better

and instill new habits

it is challenging to keep it up. We require our willpower to carry it through. But our willpower gets tired with time. The first few weeks to a month are ok. But beyond that, we need new habits to form. Habits help us continue without using willpower. 

Very often our willpower runs out before we have created the habit.

This is where we need help.

We need to consistently engage our emotions for the change. Live the change in our thoughts and in our minds.

How do we do this?


Visualization is a great tool to do this.


But even visualization is a habit that we need to install. 

Visualization is used by top athletes to achieve their goals.

By visualizing we improve our skills. 


By having a painting hanging on your wall you see every day what it is that is your goal and what you can do to get there. It is front and center in your office.


But can I not just make a Vision board you ask?


Vision boards are great and serve the same purpose. But you would not hang it on a prime spot in your office.


A purpose painting is will be front and center. People see it every day.

This means every day you are reminded of your why, and of your goal. The strategy might change, this is your how. 

With your why and your goal in front of you daily.

You will find the how.

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