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Business trainigs


Team Strength

  • How do you best utilize your team?

  • What are your strengths individually and as a team?

  • How do we utilize each team-member best in implementing our strategy?

These are some of the questions we answer in the Team strength. Before the event, each team member answers some questions. We look at how we are put together in working style, motivation, and strengths.

We get to know ourselves better as well as our teammates.

Create Space

Painting has been proved to reduce stress and improve brain connectivity. it is an activity where the brain is active with both the analytical side and the creative side, thus creating new brain paths and improving your creative and analytical abilities. 

In create space employees get a chance to paint once a week (online, onsite, or outdoors). We go through simple exercises that are designed to build confidence reduce stress and improve connectivity. 

Create space can be done online, onsite, or outside. 



A P-Art-Y is a strategy session Like no other.

not only do we stake out a strategy around:

But we talk about what does it mean for us or clients the market and the greater good.

And how can we visually represent this so we can easily understand and communicate the

the essence of it.

We end the session by making an artwork that

represents the discussion that will remind us

of where we are going and why?

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