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Strategy wall


Illustrate your, Strategy, Vision, or Purpose.

Increase the power and awareness of your strategy by having it illustrated and painted on a wall in your office. This places it front and center and helps everybody connect and commit to the goals you have agreed on.


The strategy wall is made and planned in collaboration with you and your team. Taking into consideration your brand identity and the interior of your building.

To plan your strategy illustration click the button here below.

Planning the wall

To begin with, we have a meeting talking over your strategy and brainstorm what you want to put on the painting and how best to represent it. Based on this, I make several sketches before we meet again. 

After you see the sketches you can decide to move things around and combine elements. and I then make a final sketch which will go up on the wall.

Engaging staff and clients

If circumstances allow it is a good idea to involve staff in the planning and executing the wall. It is a great teambuilding exercise and it increases ownership. 

While painting the wall we can film and take pictures. This material is great for engaging clients and people on social media. The painting itself becomes a focal point in engaging clients that visit as well as the team around the strategy and the purpose of the company.

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