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Strengthen your team

Great teamwork does not happen by chance. It takes intentional effort to foster a positive culture.

To pull as a team and be able to navigate the technological and economical changes of our time, we need to be at our best.

That's where my expertise comes in.

I can help you set clear guidelines and create the right framework to support your vision and strategy. I will help you engage your team in creating this positive culture.


Often in business we value ration and analytical side, where as we want to push away emotions.

It's good to be able to separate the two and make decisions based on facts.

Still we need to value our emotions and the role they play in decisions. In motivation and in connecting us as a team.

This is why I use art as a tool in my training sessions. Art helps us connect to our emotional and creative side.  This way we engage our emotions in driving us forward as a team. And we connect with each other on a deeper level. 

Marketing people know this, that is why images music and stories are so important in commercials. 

My tracings are practical and hands on. We create Art together. And at the same time we practice the skills we need for great team work.

The artwork also serves as a low stakes arena to practice the skills.

Its about the process and not the result.

And the process is also fun and highly enjoyable.

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In my framework there are 3 important parts

  • Strategy 

  • Communication

  • Team identity

They are intevi=eawd and dependent on each other. each element consist of more topics

click the sections below to learn more

Team Identity

Purpose, vison, code of conduct, and the composition of 

the teams diverse members

forms the team identity

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Connection, trust, clarity, feedback


The next steps to make your team competitive, a great strategy. 

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