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Team Strength Call


Utilize your team diversity and nail your strategy

How do you best utilize your team?

What are your strengths individually and as a team?

How do we utilize each team-member best?

These are some of the questions we answer in the team strength call. Before the call, each team member answers some questions. We look at how we are put together in working style, motivation, and strengths.

We get to know ourselves better as well as our teammates.


We use the framework of DISC. DISC defines beahviour in 4 distinguished types and the combination of them. It is not a personality test, rather an analysis. We are looking at motivation and drivers of human behavior, without putting people in a box.

On top of our DISC behavior type comes our differences in culture and learning styles.
To make the training come alive we do several group exercises that highlight each person's strengths. We divide the group into break out sessions to discuss and reflect in smaller groups.


First part

1. Introduction to each style and the common combinations of them. The strengths and weaknesses.

2. Break out session: discussion in small groups, what do you recognize in yourself and others?

Common difficulties between different behavior types, and how to communicate better which each type, or combination of types. 

3. Creative exercise helps us talk about some of the stereotypes and the pitfalls of that. And how to see traits from a perspective of strength. 

Second part

We talk specifically about your team, your goals, and strategy and the people on your team. What is each person's strength, and how do we best utilize this in reaching your goals. Are there things we need to adjust? Are there tasks that people want to pick up? 

This session is tailored to your needs and the program will be as well.

Main takeaways

This trainig will give you:

  • Better self-insight and management. 

  • Better understanding and communication in the team.

  • A better understanding of clients and business partners.

  • Better communication in our private lives.

  • Better strategizing with our personal strengths in mind. 

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