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Making art is good for you it reduces stress and improves your thinking. Still, it can be hard to find the time and energy to get started. Especially if you have a full-time and demanding job. 

This is why we make it easy for you. Come to the art classes. Everything is set up for you and you come and enjoy, whilst networking and having fun with other professionals who also love making art. 

Want a fun activity for your team look at our team activities page. 

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Elisabeth Krussand is an artist and consultant and has worked as a designer and artist as well as an account manager in business. "In our time we have to live with a lot of changes, in our economy and our industries. Making art helps us reduce stress and see new opportunities and ultimately meet the challenges with more agility." 

Elisabeth facilitates workshops and training in her studio in the old Cafe Omval. And in collaboration with Lena Davidovich

Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere
Albert Einstein

Vine and paint events

Come and paint a painting on an evening, while having some wine and great conversation. Learn painting techniques for a set motif, you can customize your own colors and composition after your own wish. Every Friday evening a different motif. 
Price 42 euro Including materials, wine and snacks, and a great art lesson.
See all the planned events and sign up 
on the link below.

Art and painting classes

Painting helps you reduce stress, and it improves your thinking. While painting our left and right brain halves have to work together. the left side will be looking and analyzing what we see and our right side will translate it into the paint on the canvas.
But how do you get started in a busy life with painting?
At gallery nine everything is set up for you. You don't need your own paint and materials. You come along we teach you the basics and give you the time and space to find your own artistic voice. While meeting connecting and discussing with others with a desire to improve their painting skills. Click the link below to see our full program of lessons. 

Business Trainings and events

Working together as a team can be challenging. We are all different and have different ways to solve problems and different priorities in doing so. 
Therefore improving understanding and getting to know each other better is crucial. To build better relations and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. 
Our business events and training are designed to increase understanding between people. 
Making art together is one of the tools we use in the training. This helps be more creative and flexible. Making art is a great equalizer. In our day-to-day operations, hierarchy is useful and necessary. But it is equally necessary to step out of it once in a while and see what happens when presented with a different task and medium. 

Children's art classes

It is good for children to use their hands and their creativity. But in many schools, art and craft do not have priority. 

At Gallery Nine, we have art classes for all ages. Learn to paint and draw, or join our street art classes. And for the younger ones (3-5 years) we have our Kleuter Kunst class. 

Custom Artworks 

Make your idea, concept, purpose visual.

Visualizing where you want to go and why is powerful. You communicate your goal to your feelings. and your feelings fuel your drive and actions. 

Having the artwork front and center so you see it every day will help you keep going in hard times.





Floris Bartels

"We did a painting workshop with Elisabeth and as a team, we enjoyed it very much. It's a fun activity that helped build our team spirit!"


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