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Transformative Art Experiences

Big technological changes are changing our business and the way we work. Next to this we have political and economic circumstances that are a source or uncertainty and stress.


It is more important than ever before that we are adaptable and able to use technology to our advantage.


This takes exceptional teamwork skills, people skills and communication skills.

Teamwork is a practical subject. Working on our team work we can not do, sitting down and listening to a monologue. We need to engage with each other in a memorable experience.


I will train your team to work together, using art and making art together as a tool to enhance our understanding. To practice communication skills and to connect us.


It is training that caters to different learning styles and a training that will immerse and engage your team like no other training.


Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere
Albert Einstein

Jeanine de Haas, Prothya

It was some great activities to help us connect to each other, and you envision all kinds of things when you are in front of a blank canvas. I can recommend having workshops with Elisabeth.


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