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Elisabeth Krussand,
Artist and Consultant

Chairng you on 

Artist and Consultant

Charing you on

My passion is to encourage others. I believe we are all unique and we all have something unique to bring to the world.

Sometimes we get caught up in the business of life and stress builds up. Then it's good to have someone to help you see your potential.

I help you look at things from a different perspective. Help you make the problems and challenges into opportunities and cheer you on.

When you lead others you have a great responsibility. You care about the people on your team and you want them to succeed. And you have the final responsibility for what your team delivers. Long hours are not foreign to you. Still, it is important to also take care of yourself. Just like we are asked to put our own oxygen mask on first in an airplane. Leaders should care for themselves and manage their energy so they can be better leaders. And have the energy to keep seeing the best in their people and lead their team towards success.

Events and group activities with art

Art is a medium to create positive experiences

Experiences that change us, change our way of learning and thinking.

Making art reduces stress and improves brain connectivity.

Making art together helps people connect and work together. Using art together with learning will increase the retention of information.

As an artist and consultant, I help companies bring their strategy, purpose, and mission statements to life in artworks. And teams to connect and work better together through creative learning experiences. And I help employees find their drive, develop new ways to focus and retain information using art and visualizations.

I draw on my experience working in different countries and in international teams. As well as the DISC method. Art is a tool to explore this in a fun and memorable way.

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