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The elm tree and abundance paining.
The elm tree is a special tree that spreads its pollen in January and February and the fruit comes already in March or April. 
The tree has its harvest in the spring. If you live near an elm tree you know because the seed caps fall to the ground like confetti. And covers the grown like snow. 
This painting is one of my abundance paintings. Abundance paintings are reminders that we live in an abundant world.
Look at the trees producing seeds, plentiful seeds, all with the potential to become a tree and produce even more seeds. 

The elm tree also symbolizes a quick turnaround from being bare in January to having seeds latest in April. Sometimes things can go quick.
No matter how low you are if you have hope and faith and start taking action your life can change.
Faith in Abundance and something bigger than yourself will give you the courage to face your fears.

Elm tree painting

SKU: 364215375135191
€ 600,00Price
  • This is an 120x120 cm acryl on canvas painting.

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