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The art of feedback

In all teams we need feedback to improve our perfomance, learn from our sucesses and from our mistakes and achive better results in the future. It is important that this is a process that brings us insight and helps us improve. A great framework helps makng feedback more effective and enjoyable. And using art and play in lernig this as a team helps implementig inot our team as an enoyable activity that we will lookforwards to and enjoy as a team. 

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Learnig to enjoy feedback with artistic activities

Giving and receiving feedback can be stressful experience. Most people dread feedback sessions, the goal in this workshop is to make it  rewarding experience, that help us improve our skills and do better in our work.

In this event we introduce a solid framework for feedback while we do a series of creative activites. Art as a fun and low stakes arena where we can practice giving feedback

In a practical manner we test the framwork in the area of creating art. At the same time we discuss how it can be implemented in our work. And the differences and similarities we see. 


For many of us, providing and receiving feedback is an uncomfortable experience. This discomfort often stems from a lack of training in effective feedback techniques. With a well-established feedback framework and a playful approach, giving and receiving feedback will become something both you and your team look forwards to.

In the realm of art, there exist both rules and artistic freedom, allowing for the breaking of rules and the creation of new ones. Our workshop exercises incorporate a feedback framework commonly utilized in top sports, applied to collaborative artwork creation. While the framework provides structure, there is flexibility to adapt it to both our artwork and our daily professional lives. In tandem with the artistic process, we engage in discussions on how the feedback framework and its rules relate to our daily work and routines.

To discuss your Art of feedback traing book a call in the link below. Or sen me an email at

Art as a tool 

Art is a great tool to bring joy to our lives. Making art reduces stress. And making art together is a great way to have fun and connect, and it gives us the opportunity to go into new conversations and see new sides of each other.

Art in a workshop increases our retention. And it makes it more fun. And when we have fun we learn better.

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