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Team experience's 

For improved communication and better performance

All the below events are for learning and team building and can be held as one day or two day events. If you would like to tailor an event to your needs then please contact me.


Making feedback fun

The feedback loop event: Giving and receiving feedback can be stressful experience. Most peole dread feedback sessions, the goal in this workshop is to make it  a fun and rewarding experience, that help us improve our skills and do better in our work.

In this event we discuss different frameworks for feedback while we collaboratie to make pendulum paintings. This also serves as a fun and low stakes arena where we can practice giving feedback. How was the setup implemented? How did we meet the brief? How good are we at following instructions? What can we do better next time? these are all possible questions to practice. 

 By the end of this event you will see feedback as an opportunity to communicate about performance. Helping people get better, and getting help in improving our selves and our skills. And creating opportunities to learn.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-02 at 14.47.48 (3).jpeg

Exploring the possibilities of innovation

The out of the box event: In this event we have fun challenging the box and coming up with new ideas. We don't judge the ideas at this stage we have fun creating and getting to know each other. And looking at all our possibilities.  

Ideas are fun but ideas can be dangerous and very time consuming. This event is about exploring the possibilities and not limiting them. Still we do talk about how to navigate in this exiting and dangerous landscape.  

Amsterdam is the elm tree capital of the world. this tree is quite out of the box. It has its harvest in spring. And the Netherlands is full of them several different types, although it was the Dutch elm disease that wiped them out from England. How come? We use this illustration and we create some images of our own.

This event also includes using AI tools as part of our process and is is just as much about the process and the community building as about the ideas 

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Getting inspired

The story event: The Story is a great tool in sales but also in teamwork and the engaging clients and employees. There are several important stories that is part of our team identity. The clients story where the client is the hero and your company is the tool. this one is great for sales teams getting enthusiastic about the product and the change we make for the client. 

There is the employee story, where the employee is the hero and your company is their arena where they perfect their skills and create wins. 

And there is the company story, where you started and why, and where you are going. 

We have discussions around the chosen story/stories and we create a visual representation of it. taking key words translating them to colours and styles. And generating images from our imagination, Ai and then painting it togheter. 

Our differences is a strength

Team Appreciation Event: is an humours event where we go into diversity and how we are different as people. We have many differences: age, gender, cultural background, personalities, priorities, working styles and functions.

This event is designed to give us plenty of time to talk and get to know each other better. While having fun together and learning about our differences and how we can use it as a strength. And also recognising and mentioning what we appreciate in the other.  

We paint each other as an emoji or as an avatar, and in groups we make a group portrait. 

emoji_team.70x50.acryl (5).jpg

Art as a tool 

Art is a great tool to bring joy to our lives. Making art reduces stress. And making art together is a great way to have fun and connect, and it gives us the opportunity to go into new conversations and see new sides of each other.

Art in a workshop increases our retention. And it makes it more fun. And when we have fun we learn better.

In my workshops people often tell me that they come up with many ideas and new insights when they are busy creating art together. This is not so strange as you are activating your right side of the brain and involving it in a different way. 

Read more about my methodology

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