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Team Appriciation Call

Celebrate your wins together as a team

Take time to appreciate your team and each member of it. What have you accomplished?

What hurdles have you overcome?

Who are your stars?

And who are your heroes who have not yet been in the limelight?

Showing appreciation in challenging times helps create a deeper sense of connection in the team.

The team appreciation call is a facilitated call with interactive games and creative activities that help the team reflect on what they have achieved, and connect.

Gratitude and appreciation are great ways to connect and bring people together. Still, it is often forgotten in busy times. Team appreciation call is designed to help you do this in a fun and genuine way.

Before the team appreciation call, a planning call is available to help tailor activities to your team's needs.

Each team member will get a package sent in good time for the call, with something nice to drink and some supplies for the activities that will take place. With everybody on the team receiving the same package this helps create a more unified call and helps us connect beyond the screen. 

Book a consultation call here below to plan your team appreciation call. 

Investment including package and postage is Euro 105 per person. 

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